The Secret of Life

There is an ancient story of unknown origins that tells of the primordial gods arguing amongst themselves. “Where can we hide the secret of life so that humankind will never come to discover their godlike potentiality?”

The god of the mountains said; hide it deep within earth’s impenetrable rocks it will never be found there. The other gods said, “Oh no, no; one day these clever humans will figure out how to dig up the mountains and they will surely find it.”

Next, the god of the ocean said, “Drown the secret of life within the deepest fathoms of the ocean; surely they will never ever discover it there.” “No, no,” the other gods objected, “Someday these ingenious humans will plum the ocean depths and find our secret treasure there.”

Then the sky god spoke suggesting that the secret of life be placed in outer space, but this idea too was rejected. A great silence now fell among the gods for they were truly bewildered.

Out of that silence the god of mystery finally spoke: “We must hide the secret of life deep within each individual human being, they will not think to look for it there.” Then a mighty assent went up from all the gods; would this not be the best of hiding places for surely it is the last place that humankind would ever think to look!

Depth Psychology opens one to this unseen, unconscious secret of life within that we are all individual carriers of. A guide is needed to begin this journey into our secret divine essence or wholeness. Yes, the secret of life is in fact there within you. What is regrettable is that this is the last place we look for it, if we look for it at all.