The Dreaming Unconscious

Dreams are an opening into the inner world of the psyche and its ancient mysteries. Dreams tell a story, a sort of parable in images. What the dream says is just so. It does not lie, conceal or contain extraneous material. Everything in the dream is pregnant with meaning. Your dreams are uniquely yours. Their meaning can not be found in dream books,  but only through a process of relationship with the symbolic, objective reality of their images.

Just as we need a self-regulating web of inner relationships throughout the entire body to maintain physical health, the psyche also needs a natural balance and equilibrium between the conscious and unconscious realities  that make up its wholeness. Dreams are part of the psyche's natural means of maintaining  balance. If we become too one-sided in our attitude we can develop psychological symptoms and if we ignore these symptoms they can slide down into the body and make us physically sick. When a long series of dreams is looked at it is as if our dreams work towards end goal of conscious human wholeness-- what Jung called ‘Individuation.’

“Dreams are as simple or as complex as the dreamer, but always a bit ahead of the dreamers consciousness. I too do not understand my own dreams better than you, because just like you their meaning  is always just beyond my grasp. The dream work holds a potential enlargement of the dreamer’s consciousness so that life might be more deeply  experienced and lived.”

C. G. Jung