Shedding an Old Skin

Once upon a time there was a race of human beings who had been given the gift of eternal life. But this gift demanded that once a year each, individually, would have to go down to the river of life and shed an old skin like a snake throwing it into the river as an act of renewal. If this sacrifice was not made this gift of eternal life would be denied to that individual who would then have to enter the experience of her or his eventual death.

One day a woman went to the river to renew herself. She crawled out of her old skin and tossed it into the river, but as she was standing there she looked down at her mirror reflection in a pool of still water and realized that she was so transformed that her husband, children and friends might not recognize her. Then she looked up and saw her old skin floating in the river and noticed that it had gotten snagged near the waters edge. She got a stick, pulled it out and put the old skin back on again before returning to her village.

Our inner Self seeks to renew us each day asking us to shed the skin of an old, worn-out attitude that no longer serves that guiding life force deep within us. If we are too preoccupied with what other people think or say we can become deaf to the small quiet voice of our own inner truth, that voice that seeks to wake us up to a hoped for eternal reality, which just might be our true destiny.