The Therapy of Depth Psychology

Enter the timeless world of the

dreaming unconscious with its symbolic 

images and ancient voice of healing wisdom

hidden deep within you.

The goal of this therapy is to guide you on a healing journey of self- discovery, awakening you to an experience of renewal throughout your life and its relationships. The conflicted nature of human existence is essential for all human growth and development; life is of necessity difficult. To the extent that our conscious attitude lacks insight or is too one-sided and narrow in its approach to life, painful symptoms and embattled life events can entangle us. We suffer and we do not know why. Each of us is a carrier of an irreplaceable, inner authority. If we are in some way living a lie we are in violation of this essential inner truth. Our greatest knowledge is self-knowledge and that, in the end, is what sets us free.

This depth psychological approach attends to your psyche’s natural healing powers. It is a unity of science and art, a truly creative process, with no ready-made solutions. Here is a healing process capable of serving the whole of you.